Cremation with Memorial or Graveside Service – $1,995

 What’s Included

  • Local Cremation & Funeral offers cremations with a memorial or graveside.Arranging and directing a memorial or graveside service at the location of your choice
  • Assistance locating a church or facility (if needed)
  • Memorial register book
  • 100 standard service folders or 100 prayer cards

Diect Cremation package contents:

  • Arrangement conference at our office or your location
  • Transportation to crematory
  • Services of licensed funeral director and staff
  • Caring for loved one in a climate-controlled environment
  • Cremation at our licensed crematory
  • Cremation container
  • Temporary container for remains
  • Online obituary and guestbook
  • Filing death certificate with the State / Notifying Social Security

Note: In some circumstances, additional fees may apply


Additional Items Available for Purchase

  • Certified copies of Death Certificate ($21 for first copy, $4 for each additional copy)
  • Decorative urns
  • Video tribute
  • Additional stationery: Service folders, prayer cards and thank-you cards
  • Minimal visitation (immediate family at our crematory)

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Helpful Resources

Family Testimonial

Helpful staff
5 Star Review
“I would not hesitate to recommend the use of Local Cremation. The staff were very helpful and thoughtful and made this experience as easy for me as possible. Thank you.”

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Additional Fees (if required)

  • If the deceased has a pacemaker, it must be removed and additional costs apply.
  • If the deceased is over 250 lbs, additional crematory costs apply.
  • If the deceased is located outside our service area, additional transportation costs apply.
  • Cemetery plot and associated charges.