Your Funeral Consumer Rights

Knowing your Funeral Consumer Rights is important. Ultimately, none of us has power over death. But it is often reassuring as a family member or next of kin of a dying or deceased loved one to know they have some undeniable funeral consumer rights when it comes to funeral arrangements – control and rights backed by the federal government.

The Funeral Rule is enforced by the Federal Trade Commission. It was created to protect consumers as they make decisions about products and services. The Rule makes it possible for you to choose only what you need or want. It also gives you a clear picture of costs you are being charged. This means you have the ability to compare prices among funeral homes and see if they are quoting the same services.

Package pricing for cremation and burial is available at many funeral homes, including Local Cremation and Funerals. This provides a straightforward way to provide pricing on what is typically needed and is less confusing for families. However, it’s important to know your funeral consumer rights under the Funeral Rule to choose service individually as well. You do not have to accept a package deal from a funeral home that includes items you don’t want. However, when comparing prices, you may find the package price is less expensive than the individual items. For example, especially with direct cremation, you typically see a package because there are specific items always required in Texas including a cremation container, cremation permit (called a Burial Transit Permit), and temporary urn.

In addition, funeral homes are required to give price information over the phone if you request it and give you a General Price List when you visit in person. This list, which is yours to keep. It will show the items and services the provider offers and the cost of each one. After options are selected and a plan is made, the funeral home will provide an itemized statement so you can see the total before services are rendered, even if you selected a package.

You can count on Local Cremation and Funerals to be up front and honest in our pricing. Feel free to contact us anytime at 214-363-2636 and a member of our professional staff will be happy to answer your questions.

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